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JS REFORMASWho we are?

Our flats reforms firm In Mallorca has a wide and solid experience behind it. We possess a wide team of professionals that will be able to analyze the needs of any type of customer, and thus who will be able to produce a customized budget based on specific requests.

Our house reforms service in Mallorca, or in any other place, is so outstanding due to the fact that we only work with the best professionals available in the market. This way, you can rest assured that regardless of the reforms you might have in mind, whether you know or not if it is even possible, our technicians will have a look and will share with you all the details you need to be aware of for us to begin.

A lot of customers request information about chalets reforms services in Mallorca and we always deliver. This is yet another of our top services and because of that, one of the most valued ones as well. We are always careful with our assessments in all kinds of situations in order to ensure the quality that our customers expect to receive from a professional firm.


Company History

Many customers who ask us about reforms villas in Mallorca and we’ll be able to give it.

Company History

We are specialists in the world of construction and reforms in Mallorca . This is another of our star services and therefore, is the most valued .

Company History

We pay the utmost care to assess any situation to always ensure the quality that the customer is looking at hiring a professional company .